Dr. R. Stephen Grayson received his medical degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center after getting an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M.  He completed a family practice residency while serving in the US Air Force, then served an additional four years as Flight Surgeon at Carswell AFB.

After finishing his tour of duty with the armed forces in 1985, Dr. Grayson and his family moved to Kingwood, where he opened a clinic.  Pilots who came to him for personal healthcare learned of his background as a flight surgeon and encouraged him to return to aviation medicine.  Dr. Grayson eventually became re-certified as a civilian AME and integrated aviation medicine into his existing family practice.

Several of Dr. Grayson’s employees have received additional training in order to assist with certain clinical elements and medical documentation required to process the exams. Each of them has years of experience and is there to treat you and your individual record with the utmost care.  Other employees are available to schedule appointments and provide basic information.

We believe it is to everyone’s benefit that you are in the best possible condition to fly and that any interface with the FAA is conducted promptly and professionally.